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Residential Cleaning Services

Window Cleaning

We have many years experience of cleaning windows . We can clean all types of windows, including roof lights and glass roofs. We can clean both inside and outside, and call on a regular basis to keep your windows and frames looking tip-top.




Render Cleaning

Over time render gets dirty, and is very susceptible to unsightly black or red algae that grows on the render. We can clean this off, giving quite magnificent results. We use a gentle softwashing process that is kind to the render. After cleaning, we can also apply a coating to inhibit the regrowth.




Gutter Cleaning

Blocked gutters can overflow, which can cause damp on the walls. This can lead to expensive damage. We can survey the gutters using a remote camera, and then clear them using the ‘Sky Vac’. We can keep your gutters clear and running freely and clean the outside of them at the same time. We can also carry out gutter repair and replacement

Fascia and Soffit Cleaning

Your PVC gutters and fascia can look nearly new again with our expert cleaning service




Gutter Repairs
& Replacement

Here at Ultra Cleaning Services, we provide faultless replacements of gutters, fascias and soffits in Winchester (and surrounding areas). Our gutter and fascia installation services are hard to beat, with the emphasis on quality, reliability and value for money. We provide all aspects of plastic, timber, aluminium or upvc guttering and fascia replacement, supplying and installing soffits and fascias designed to improve the aesthetics of your home. Our upvc fascias and soffits are made from premium performing materials to provide you with assured quality and sustained durability.

From gutter fascia boards to soffit vents, we offer a full complement of repair services, using materials designed to safeguard your home, prevent water from entering your roof space, and stop damage to your property. Left neglected, gutters quickly start to show signs of wear and tear, before you know it you are in need of a gutter repair service. Fail to address this situation and water finds it hard to divert away from your property, leave things as they are and it won’t be long until your home is badly affected, and you incur substantial costs to resolve the problem, often resulting in pricey guttering repairs.

Ultra Cleaning Services offers a speedy, affordable solution should you require repairs to fascias, soffits and guttering. We repair guttering of all descriptions, from UPVC guttering and fascia boards, to seamless aluminium guttering, whether you have metal or plastic gutters our highly experienced team has a wealth of knowledge and knows how to repair cracks and leaks on gutters and downpipes, prevent sagging, and allow rainwater to effortlessly divert away from the property.



Pressure Washing

With years' of experience in pressure washing we have devised the perfect techniques to restore drives, patios, paths and decking. Our expertise and state of the art equipment effectively and efficiently clean block paving, natural stone paving, patio slabs, concrete, tarmac, composite decking, wood decking and resin bound surfaces. The combination of pressure wash- ing and a chemical treatment will leave your drive, terrace or balcony looking as good as new.



Roof Cleaning

Your roof is the crowning glory of your house. It gets dirty, and coated in algae and moss. The moss can soak up water and cause leaks or other expensive damage to the tiles. We can clean your roof, by removing any moss, and applying cleaning agents to bring back the colour of your tiles. This makes a HUGE improvemant to your property. After cleaning, we can apply a coating to inhibit the return of moss and algae.



Conservatory Valeting

We offer a complete conservatory cleaning service from regular maintenance cleans to a full conservatory valet to restore and clean your conservatory to an asnew condition.

We are specialists in conservatory cleaning, using appropriate equipment and specialist cleaning products to achieve excellent results. A conservatory is a great addition to your home, but if not maintained it can quickly become dirty and start to look tired and old. This not only reduces the aesthetic appearance and your enjoyment of your conservatory but over time it can cause physical damage such as leaks and damaged seals, fading and discolouration.



Steam Cleaning and SOFTwashing

Over time, building materials can age, making the building as a whole look neglected and uncared for. Also the aging of the building materials require that a more gentle cleaning process is vital for the more fragile and vulnerable surfaces.

Our low pressure, steam cleaner, coupled with our SOFTwashing methods, allow us to clean delicate surfaces such as masonry stonework, natural stone, render and brickwork without causing any damage or erosion to the surface.